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Location:Chicago, Illinois, United States of America
My name's Tal. I'm a bisexual nerd who writes things. Pronouns are under review, but she/her is fine. Or they/them, if you want to try this out with me. White, lived in too many places to count. From wherever is going to make you stop asking the question "where are you from?" A full adult, rarely but occasionally posting adult content (always with warnings).

A tumblr refugee (still there until staff drags me out by the ankles, but you know, diversifying my options) set adrift, been on tumblr longer than I want to acknowledge but missed LJ by a couple years, so this interface is kind of foreign to me.

Check out my Ao3, or head over to my tumblr and take a look at some of the stuff I've posted there if you want to get to know me/my writing a bit better!
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